Opportunities for Affiliate Marketers During the Zero Up 2.0 Launch

zero up reviewThe Zero Up 2.0 launch has been arranged in 3 phases that are scheduled between October 5 and October 22. Each of these phases serves a unique purpose and are designed in such a way that conversion ability increases towards the release date. To you as an affiliate marketer, this means many opportunities of maximizing commissions for the clicks that will originate from your followers.

Check what these phases have in store for you and your followers:

Phase One: Free Course Giveaway (October 5th – 9th)

Your followers are going to enjoy a FREE video training series and you can expect them to find optimum value in it. This course giveaway is arranged in 10 parts and provides highly refined information on how to kickstart an online business.

For you, you get a guaranteed $2 for every lead generated from your list. The only condition is that the lead must double opt-in, and this will automatically qualify you for the “Control Your Destiny” prize.

Phase Two: Free Book and Workshop Registration (October 9th – 21st)

During this phase, Zero Up 2.0 creators will give away a 166-page book, which is not just a typical PDF but Robert Kiyasaki’s foreword. Your followers can download the book for free as long as they’ve signed up for the Zero Up 2.0 workshop. After that, direct workshop registration will kick in. According to Fred Lam, there is $15,000 worth of prizes that will be won by affiliates during this phase. And you will take home a ROLEX if you emerge as the top affiliate.

Phase Three: Starting From Zero Virtual Summit (October 22nd)

On this day, famous keynote speakers including Dan Dasilva and AnikSingal together with other 7-figure marketers will grace your screen for 8 full hours. The virtual event is meant to provide your followers with amazing content on how to start and grow their online businesses. At the same time, Zero Up software will be on sale at a huge discount. You are going to enjoy each part of this innovatively-designed launch knowing that your commissions are doubling throughout the period.

Why Internet Marketers Should Not Miss This Launch

As it is the norm of the internet marketing today, the most important success factor for an affiliate is the value his/her content provides to followers. The phases of Zero Up 2.0 launch have focused on providing the most actionable content in the presentations. Your followers are definitely going to love this content, especially because it’s delivered by well-known, seasoned industry experts. They will also have a chance to ask any questions they may have in a quick Q&A session that’ll be held during the 8-hour virtual summit.

The numerous chances of earning commissions and win prizes during this launch should be enough reason for you to jump on the bandwagon. For every member you refer, you’ll earn 50% commission. That’s a cool $750 for each individual you refer. Besides, there is the $70,000 up for grabs for affiliates. $15,000 will be won by those who’ll partake the leads contest while the remaining $55, 000 will be won through a sales contest.

The Zero Up 2.0 launch has great benefits for affiliate marketers. So if you are one, this is your moment to make it big.


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